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Empower your Sobriety

Eight-week Group Coaching Programme with Emily Syphas


Create your dream life & write your best chapter

Are you ready to discover your most confident, empowered sober self?
Whether you’re at the beginning of your sobriety journey or have been enjoying the sober path for a while, this programme will give you the tools to create your dream life and re-write what sobriety means to you. 

Best chapter yet

If you’ve been looking for support to live your most empowered and confident sober life, this programme will provide you with the toolkit and blank canvas to write your best chapter yet.

Together, we will work through eight modules from habits and beliefs to sober socialising and relationships so that we can step into 2022 ready for your most fabulous year yet!

In this eight-week programme, we will explore how to maintain your sobriety on your own terms – in a way that feels exciting to YOU. Nothing’s going to hold you back!

What are you waiting for?

This programme is for you, if you want to:


An eight-week programme designed to unlock your confidence for your most empowered sober life.

Week 1

Get to know each other – we will spend the first week getting to know each other and share our stories to connect with each other and reflect on our journey so far.

Week 2

Your why + potential barriers + triggers  – remembering why your sobriety is important to you and reasons you made this brave and life changing decision is so pivotal to keep us on track. We will also explore our potential barriers and triggers that might hold us back.

Week 3

Habits + Routine  – looking at the importance of habits and how we can turn any unhealthier habits into healthier ones or enhance your current ones. Building strong foundations for your life and sobriety moving forward.

Week 4

Self love + Self acceptance – how we feel about ourselves affects everything we feel, think and do. Learning to cultivate self love + self acceptance is the most important part in being able to truly live and lead a fulfilling life. This is key in helping us to not fall back into unhealthy behaviours that no longer serve us.

Week 5

Increasing your self-worth + confidence + making empowered choices – looking at how we can feel more confident in ourselves and make empowered choices to increase our self worth in our life and our sobriety.

Week 6

Sober Socialising + Friendships – learning how to navigate our new normal when it comes to sober socialising and maintain and grow our friendships in sobriety.

Week 7

Romantic relationships  + sex – whether single or in a relationship our romantic life and sex lives can feel difficult to navigate. This week we will look deeper into these important relationships and gain more confidence into what we truly desire.

Week 8

Create a sober toolbox + closing ceremony – we will create a sober toolbox to create healthy coping mechanisms for when we need them the most and reflect on our time together.

Empower Your Sobriety commences in 2022. Email to join the waitlist.


What's Included?

  • 8 x Live Weekly Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Workbooks & Resources

EFT tapping session 

What Others Are Saying

Coaching with Emily has been life-changing for me…I have gained so much more love and care for myself. Day to day life and achievements are so much more possible for me, and I have gained skills and a mindset to approach goals and life needs in a totally different way. I am excited for what I am achieving!
Tess, 32, Transformational Life Coaching
After an Empower Hour with Emily, I feel I have a whole new perspective. As someone who has a busy mind and rarely gives myself time to sit and think about things on a deeper level, this was just what I needed. Emily held space for me to really dig into what it is that I want to get clarity on and challenged me with her highly professional coaching and expertise to get clarity on what you should/shouldn't expect from people and certain situations. I highly recommend Emily to anyone who is looking for support and making a shift into your higher self.
Naomi White, Naomi White Communications, Empower Hour
Just the support I needed to get me through a summer without self sabotage. My summers are used to being filled with endless drinking and feelings of shame & regret. Not this summer! This summer was filled with self love, happiness and endless fun! Through Emily’s coaching strategies I was able to overcome my negative beliefs around being sober, feelings of embarrassment and create a sobriety tool box making me feel confidence & empowered! I loved my time with Emily, her bubbly personality was present and every session and I always felt uplifted afterwards. It was nice to be coached by someone who I actually resonate with - she got me! & that’s so important. She’s not only a coach with certifications but the life experience! I am so happy with my investment, I have these tools for life. Thank You!!
Rochelle, 29, Transformational Life Coaching
I cannot express how beneficial that empower hour was. I asked for some clarity in my fuzzy brain, (not really expecting to feel much different), but I honestly feel like my eyes are now wide open. It was everything and more. Sometimes you just want to be listened to and then gently guided to making truthful decisions from a place of self love; that’s exactly what I got from this. Who knew in just one hour you could feel so empowered. Thank you for listening so delicately, for your precious time and for creating a nonjudgmental space to share
Cici Colman, TV personality, Empower Hour

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