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Empower Hour

Wow. What a wonderful and glorious experience. I found it incredibly uplifting. From the start, with the exercises, I felt the world disappear and enter into a space that you created for me to feel safe, secure and for us to have a constructive and open dialogue. I left with such a spring in my metaphorical step!! I feel the name, Empower Hour, is just the perfect name!! It is exactly how I felt afterwards. THANK YOU! I cannot wait to action all the steps we spoke about, and to keep you updated. Many many many thanks
- Julian Hogan, Account Manager
My Empower Hour with Emily… gave me clarity and a thorough look at life…It feels good to set goals, feel back on track…I feel empowered, more confident, and in more control of my life after our session.
- Charlie Brooks, actress & entrepreneur
I cannot express how beneficial that empower hour was. I asked for some clarity in my fuzzy brain, (not really expecting to feel much different), but I honestly feel like my eyes are now wide open. It was everything and more. Sometimes you just want to be listened to and then gently guided to making truthful decisions from a place of self love; that’s exactly what I got from this. Who knew in just one hour you could feel so empowered. Thank you for listening so delicately, for your precious time and for creating a nonjudgmental space to share”
- Cici Colman, TV personality
Wow - who knew an hour could change so much! I went into my 'Empower Hour' with the hope of finding some clarity and vision on how to move forwards. I knew a couple of obstacles were holding me back, but I felt so lost in how to approach them. Emily worked with me to delve deep into those areas, remove any noise around them and hone in on how I can move forwards with actionable steps. She made me feel completely safe and at ease. I honestly didn't think I'd come away with such a clear vision from just one hour - I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you, Emily!
- Rebecca Went, Freelance Copywriter
After an empower hour with Emily I feel I have a whole new perspective. As someone who has a busy mind and rarely gives myself time to sit and think about things on a deeper level, this was just what I needed. Emily held space for me to really dig into what it is that I want to get clarity on and challenged me with her highly professional coaching and expertise to get clarity on what you should/shouldn't expect from people and certain situations. I highly recommend Emily to anyone who is looking for support and making a shift into your higher self.
- Naomi White, Naomi White Communications


I’ve really enjoyed working with Emily as she has a different approach to any other coaches I’ve worked with. Not only does she ask empowering thought provoking questions, cleverly designed to get you thinking on the problems you want to address but she does it in a way that really gets you really focussed on the outcome with both of you agreeing on key action points designed to get you moving forward. Furthermore, she blends the coaching with meditation, gratitude and an overall holistic approach that in itself is refreshing. For anyone looking to gain clarity and move forward in their life, I highly recommend Emily’s coaching!
Barry O Toole, Recruitment Director
After my session with Emily, I came away with clearer thinking, better plans, and a deeper understanding of how to deal with some upcoming personal / professional opportunities and situations. Emily was fully present, actively listening and provided me with insight I didn’t even know I needed. I felt a huge weight was lifted and was ready to seize the day/ week ahead!
Nicole Verdugo, Push PR
Wow, I absolutely loved my empower hour with Emily! In just 60 minutes we covered my pain points and came up with simple steps to change the trajectory and find freedom from my current blocks; both in my personal life and work. If you’re limited with time or money and want to explore the benefits of coaching and find a new perspective - an empower hour with Emily is absolutely what you need!
Debbie Rocket - founder at Pilates Rocket
I am feeling very motivated and energized after my Empower Hour. I didn’t think I needed it that much but once we started, I almost didn’t want to stop. Thank you for helping me work through everything flying through my brain. I feel like I have such a positive outlook on life now and am feeling excited to put my action points into place in the coming weeks. Not only have you helped me on a personal level but it has definitely helped me professionally too.
Julia Ferguson, Seven&Co
I was beyond pleased with Emily’s guidance and support throughout our Power Hour call. Emily was attentive, thoughtful and made me feel so empowered. The Power Hour session was one I didn’t realise I needed until it happened. I got so much value from the session and transferable guidance that I was able to reflect on beyond the Power Hour. Emily helped me uncover steps on how to overcome some of the obstacles I am currently facing and I would absolutely recommend this session for anyone looking to invest in themselves
Isabella Desmarais, Kind Community

Private Coaching

Working with Emily was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

She supported me through a time when I was both looking for advice and going through hospital treatment, with endless patience, kindness and flexibility. When I started working with Emily, she helped me be clear about the goals I wanted to achieve and put in a clear action plan to help me get there. As a result of her advice I am living a much healthier lifestyle, taking more time for exercise and being more confident drawing boundaries at work. Both of those things have helped my mental and physical health enormously.

I also explained to Emily I was looking for a long term partner. She gave me information and tips through her expertise and personal experiences. In a short period of time after following Emily's advice about how to approach relationships, I've met a wonderful, supportive and committed boyfriend.

I would highly recommend Emily as a life coach for anyone thinking about their career, health, relationships or any other part of their life they need a steer with. Emily is basically your dream big sister who holds your hand while you work life out.
Melanie, 29
WOW it’s been quite a few months we’ve spent together and a journey! I’ve found it really helpful and inspirational for looking ahead. Thank you SO much!! I came to Emily for Transformational Coaching after the craziness of relocating before Lockdown to a new City and getting Sober! I found the INCREDIBLE positivity Emily brings to working on life goals and strengthening sobriety really motivating. I looked forward to our weekly sessions and have noticed many transformational changes since our journey together. I’ve strengthened my sobriety and have a much bigger skillset and confidence around a new sober life. I was nudged out of my comfort zone weekly to keep moving forward in life and reach for my dreams. Everything now feels possible…….with better boundaries and direction and a real feeling of empowerment. Emily is a really special person and I can’t recommend her coaching enough.
Annabel, 50
Coaching with Emily has been life changing for me. Having the opportunity to have time to really stop and think about areas of my life I would like to expand and work on in a safe, confidential and welcoming one to one space has been brilliant. I have time to focus on myself and what I really do need. I love the fact that the processes are taken in small steps which is helping me reach my goals long term. Emily has helped me work out and encourage me to work out for myself what I need to do to achieve my needs in areas of sobriety, self-love/care, career, relationships, a healthy lifestyle and so much more. Through following these steps in a manageable way, I have gained so much more love and care for myself. Day to day life and achievements are so much more possible for me, and I have gained skills and a mind set to approach goals and life needs in a totally different way. I am excited for what I am achieving! Thank you Emily
Tess, 32
Emily has the most incredible heart that shines through in her coaching practice. From the very beginning Emily put me at ease and reassured me with her warm and genuine approach. She was able to explain everything in a really clear and supportive way, regularly checking in throughout to ensure I understood fully. I felt Emily's belief in me from the outset. Her gentle yet empowering approach meant that I felt supported in exploring what was challenging me and the barriers I was facing. Emily held the space beautifully to allow me to realise that the only thing standing in my way, was me! With Emily supporting me I was able to identify small manageable steps to start pushing through those internal blocks and step out of my comfort zone. I would recommend Emily as a coach to anyone. Her passion for helping people surrounds everything she does. Her love and compassion, combining with her depth of coaching skills guarantees that she will help you change your life.
Dani, 38
Just the support I needed to get me through a summer without self sabotage. My summers are used to being filled with endless drinking and feelings of shame & regret. Not this summer! This summer was filled with self love, happiness and endless fun! Through Emily’s coaching strategies I was able to overcome my negative beliefs around being sober, feelings of embarrassment and create a sobriety tool box making me feel confidence & empowered! I loved my time with Emily, her bubbly personality was present and every session and I always felt uplifted afterwards. It was nice to be coached by someone who I actually resonate with - she got me! & that’s so important. She’s not only a coach with certifications but the life experience! I am so happy with my investment, I have these tools for life. Thank You!!
Rochelle, 29