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Want to uplevel?

...and live your most empowered, self-loving and confident life?


Hi, I'm Emily,

I’m a qualified life transformational coach, specialist addictive behavioural coach, founder of my own business, Sober & Social – and a Self-Love and Empowerment Coach. 

I’m here to help you gain clarity, cultivate confidence, and feel empowered to make powerful and effective changes towards a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. 

I believe that when you start to lead a purpose-led life when you accept that there are no limitations as to what you can achieve, and when you realise how utterly unique you are – that’s when something extraordinary happens. 

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Here's how we can work together...

Empower HourTM

Ideal for those times when we experience challenges, lose momentum, or just require a well-needed boost back into action. After one hour, you’ll have crystal-clear clarity and the self-empowerment to make positive and effective change from a place of calm. 

Private Coaching

If you’re serious about transforming your life for the better, understanding yourself on a deeper level and creating new habits that that will empower you in all areas of your life – then this may just be for you.


Employee empowerment boosts individual and team confidence, instils greater trust in leadership, increases motivation, creativity and productivityand improves employee retention. Are you looking to make employee wellbeing take centre stage at your business?

Kind Words

Coaching with Emily has been life-changing for me…I have gained so much more love and care for myself. Day to day life and achievements are so much more possible for me, and I have gained skills and a mindset to approach goals and life needs in a totally different way. I am excited for what I am achieving!
Tess, 32, Transformational Life Coaching
After an Empower Hour with Emily, I feel I have a whole new perspective. As someone who has a busy mind and rarely gives myself time to sit and think about things on a deeper level, this was just what I needed. Emily held space for me to really dig into what it is that I want to get clarity on and challenged me with her highly professional coaching and expertise to get clarity on what you should/shouldn't expect from people and certain situations. I highly recommend Emily to anyone who is looking for support and making a shift into your higher self.
Naomi White, Naomi White Communications, Empower Hour
Just the support I needed to get me through a summer without self sabotage. My summers are used to being filled with endless drinking and feelings of shame & regret. Not this summer! This summer was filled with self love, happiness and endless fun! Through Emily’s coaching strategies I was able to overcome my negative beliefs around being sober, feelings of embarrassment and create a sobriety tool box making me feel confidence & empowered! I loved my time with Emily, her bubbly personality was present and every session and I always felt uplifted afterwards. It was nice to be coached by someone who I actually resonate with - she got me! & that’s so important. She’s not only a coach with certifications but the life experience! I am so happy with my investment, I have these tools for life. Thank You!!
Rochelle, 29, Transformational Life Coaching
I cannot express how beneficial that empower hour was. I asked for some clarity in my fuzzy brain, (not really expecting to feel much different), but I honestly feel like my eyes are now wide open. It was everything and more. Sometimes you just want to be listened to and then gently guided to making truthful decisions from a place of self love; that’s exactly what I got from this. Who knew in just one hour you could feel so empowered. Thank you for listening so delicately, for your precious time and for creating a nonjudgmental space to share
Cici Colman, TV personality, Empower Hour